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This sale is subject to VAT on auctioneers commission only.

The Auctioneer shall at any time have the right to stop the Auction, or to withdraw a lot, or part of a lot without providing reasons.

The buyer shall be the highest bidder. Should any dispute arise between two or more bidders, the lot or lots shall be put up again and resold or the Auctioneer may declare the buyer.

The representative of the seller shall have the right, if necessary, to stop the Auction or to withdraw any lot or lots provisionally, subject to conformation.

Payment will be accepted in cash or by electronic transfer. The Auctioneer reserves the right to demand payment from a Buyer once the bid has been knocked down to him. 

Goods are sold “VOETSTOOTS”, and no claim will be considered for incorrect description, or any other ground whatsoever. No guarantees are given in this regard and no description other than an official written description will be accepted as correct. Buyers are therefore advised to inspect the lots prior to commencement of the sale.

As soon as a lot has been knocked down, risk shall pass to the buyer and no complaints will be considered thereafter. Ownership of the lot will pass to the buyer on payment of the full amount due, including commission.

No lot purchased may be removed until the close of sale. The release of any lot purchased will only be given upon production of the Auctioneer’s invoice in duplicate. The copy, which shall be stamped paid, shall be retained by the releasing authority as proof of release.

Buyers are not permitted to enter into any transaction regarding the resale of any goods purchased at the sale on these premises.

All lots must be removed by the buyers on the same day, or within 24 hours of the closing of the auction. Only the auctioneer may extend this period at his discretion.

The buyer shall be responsible to pay storage costs @ R200 per day, for any goods not removed within the specified period.

If the buyer fails to pay and/or take possession of the goods within the time specified herein, the Auctioneer has the right to, without any further communication, confiscate and dispose of the goods as he deems fit without any reimbursement to the buyer. In the event that the goods are re-sold for less than the amount originally bid by the buyer, the buyer will be liable for such shortfall.

The buyer must attend either personally, or be represented, to supervise the loading of goods, provided the relevant invoices are produced.

The auctioneer is under no obligation to provide assistance with the loading or removal of goods purchased.

Buyers, their representatives and workmen, their vehicles and equipment are only with the Auctioneers permission permitted on the premises at their own risk and the Auctioneer assumes no responsibility for their safety or for the safety of their property.

No buyer or his representative will be permitted to remain on the premises, other than the times stipulated by the Auctioneer.

TRADERS AUCTIONEERS are prepared to execute bids on behalf of purchasers if instructed to do so.

A R600-00 registration fee is payable.

In the event that the buyer fails to adhere to the content hereof, the buyer will forfeit the registration fee.

Proof of residence and a copy of buyers ID contact numbers as well as a copy of VAT registration document where applicable for FICA.

BUYERS COMMISSION OF 17.25% (vat included) payable at close of sale.

All goods remain the property of the seller until paid in full!

PLEASE NOTE: TRADERS AUCTIONEERS will take no responsibility for deposits which are not collected, within five working days after the auction.


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